With lockdowns around the country and the music industry taking a hit once again, let's look back at some of the more uplifting moments in music news from the past seven days.

Legendary comedy rock outfit Tenacious D dropped an insane cover of a Beatles classic today - and almost immediately garnered the attention of one of the Fab Four themselves. 

Belting out the Abbey Road classic You Never Give Me Your Money/The End, the duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass released the cover as a charity single to benefit Doctors Without Borders. 

Check out the insane green-screen video below:

It wasn't long before Beatle and rock legend Paul McCartney jumped on the bandwagon, sharing the tune to his official Facebook page.

"This Tenacious D cover of our song is fantastic!" McCartney wrote. 

"It’s so imaginative and so well performed. What a great tribute to the original. Guys - I love it. Check it out!"

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