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Man V Dog

MAN V DOGHas your dog ever broken up with you by text?Has a man ever run around the house three times with joy because you’ve just got home?Who sheds more, man or dog?Kiss a stranger? Bite a stranger?Morning ...

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Drag Bingo

Hold on to your hats Bundaberg, Miss Lady Saint Diva is heading your way for her Drag Queen Bingo with a Twist & Tuck at the Old Bundy Tavern. She will be joined by Hovanna Crown and Barbie Banks!Get ...

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Made in Bahia

Bahia is one of the most culturally rich states of Brazil. It is considered to possess the greatest and most distinctive African imprint in terms of culture and customs. The state is also the birthplace ...

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Taste of Summer

This year, summer has a new Taste. We’re bringing together 80 of the finest local eateries, breweries, distilleries and wineries.Located at Princes Wharf Number One, the Taste is also a chance to ...

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Meatstock Sydney 2022

IMPORTANT EVENT INFORMATION - The SYDNEY - MEATSTOCK event  has been rescheduled to 6/7/8 May 2022With COVID and travel restrictions still in place and wanting to ensure the best possible festival ...

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