The Association Of Artist Managers (AAM) in association with music industry relief charity Support Act have announced an extension of their mental health support program, Gimme Shelter.

Designed to act as an early-intervention and crisis management tool, Gimme Shelter gives vital support to industry members while also providing life-changing and life-saving classes and qualifications in fields such as mental health first aid and conflict management and resolution.

The program was launched in 2019 before going global the next year, and seeks to build the skillset of artist managers in order to foster change and progress from within the industry. Nearly 200 participants were involved with the initial round of Gimme Shelter, and a further 48 spots were announced for artist managers to take part.

A previous participant of the program, ie:music's Francesca Riva says Gimme Shelter is an essential tool for industry leaders to utilise. "Being able to openly discuss and understand the dynamics underneath mental health is a skillset that any manager, in whatever field they operate, should have," she sates. "Managers should be able to support and suggest resources to their artists as well as learn how to look after their own mental health, and this course gave us a strong tool set to do so. It was also a great reminder on how important it is to cut all the unnecessary noise, truly be observant of the signals around us, and the power of empathy, vulnerability and compassion towards your own self and people around you."

The first round of new intakes available to 24 participants is open now. To register interest or consult their eligibility criteria, head to the AAM website here.