Melbourne's new RISING festival has unveiled its first-ever line-up today. 

The event, which runs from 26 May to 6 June, features a 133 events and projects across music, art, dance and more. 

Shows included in the festival line-up are Julia Jacklin & Kee'ahn, Ed Kuepper & Jim White, Marlon Williams, DRMNGNOW, Augie March, The Necks, Gregor & Sweet Whirl, Grand Salvo & The Orbweavers, Barkaa, Clamm, Brick Head & Voice Imitator, Bananagun & Surprise Chef, and more. 

The RISING festival will take place across five different zones - the Birrarung, Chinatown, the Arts District, Midtown and Satellite sites - and will also see the Flinders Street Station ballroom re-opened for a limited time for a major exhibition from artist Patricia Piccinini

"Gideon [Obarzanek] and I feel incredibly proud to be launching the inaugural RISING program, especially one that so strongly represents the collective creative energy of Melbourne and the culture and artists it’s famous for,” said co-artistic director Hannah Fox.

“The vision for RISING is centred on the idea that culture is a human right. This means really embedding art, music and ceremony in public spaces and creating opportunities for participation. RISING is a festival of unrepeatable, site-specific performance and large-scale public art, new collaborations in theatre and dance, and novel line ups in live music all connected by food, wine and fun.

"With over 130 projects in the program from a naked disco for one to an installation floating on the river for many thousands, we invite all of the many communities of Melbourne to come together again after too long apart."

“This very first RISING festival celebrates the strength, diversity and resilience of Victoria’s creative community,” added Minister for Creative Industries Danny Pearson

“It brings together hundreds of our artists, musicians, choreographers, writers, theatre makers, designers and hospitality stars to create a memorable 12-night event for all Victorians to enjoy."

"Since the very beginning a strong sense of place has been central to our plans for RISING,” said Gideon Obarzanek

"For us, a clear identity through place is what now distinguishes great festivals and the unique experience they offer. For RISING, we wanted to showcase work made specifically for this city that captures, celebrates and responds unambiguously to Melbourne now.

"Last year we began to plan extraordinary events with many artists and creative teams who were all isolated and their work paralysed. At times the possibility for coming back together was unknown and felt remote but the work sustained us and gave purpose. Determined, we continued to look ahead and now the time is right. Melbourne is looking forward to a great festival and we are ready to celebrate.”

See the full RISING line-up here and head to theGuide for all the info on music events and dates. 

Julia Jacklin


Ed Kuepper

Jim White

Marlon Williams


Augie March

The Necks


Sweet Whirl

Grand Salvo

The Orbweavers



Brick Head

Voice Imitator


Surprise Chef