The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast returns in 2021 tomorrow with special guest Tash Sultana!

After wrapping up 2020 and celebrating its 150th episode with Aussie actor Eric Bana, the show will return on a weekly basis from tomorrow via the Handshake Agency network.

"Finishing 2020 on the 150th episode was a pretty special milestone but I can't wait to get the podcast up and running again this year," host Neil Griffiths said. 

"Last year was obviously very strange with COVID and basically becoming best friends with Zoom to do the podcast but it didn't stop us getting some great guests on the show like Foo Fighters, Halsey, Tim Minchin, Mel C, Mike Shinoda, Corey Taylor, Amy Shark, Adam Lambert, Harry Shearer. The list goes on.

"We have some big plans for 2021 and some even bigger names to reveal. Launching 2021 with Tash Sultana sets up what is going to be a huge year for the podcast!

Sultana joins the show in celebration of her new album, Terra Firma, out tomorrow.

"I'm gonna be 26 soon. I feel like I've reached a point now where I can kind of understand me," Sultana told Griffiths on The Green Room.

"I just don't give a fuck anymore. I'm having this really freeing experience where I'm just, like, not people pleasing and I don't really care what I say or think... I'm just having a really, really good time just being happy and creating.

"I feel like that applied to the music of the now for what I've been writing and jamming. I would never have released all of that music that I had in the past. Notion EP and Flow State would never have ever existed or seen the light of the day if I was to be discovered now."

Keep an eye and ear out for the episode when it drops tomorrow on Spotify, Apple or wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

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