Much-loved Aussie musician Tex Perkins is returning with his third live streamed gig this Sunday. 

Filmed at the Perkins' family property in northern NSW, The Show With Tex Perkins is back for another week, this time featuring Byron Bay musician and producer Christian Pyle

“Well, we’re still here. Still out here in the sticks. Still isolated. Still Kickin’ and still makin’ it up as we go along!" said Perkins. 

"What began as a last resort The Show has turned into yet another thrilling creative adventure for me. Despite the grim reasons for its creation, I’ve really enjoyed not only filming and recording my music with various special guest musicians, but also having the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

"I’ve also loved seeing my close friends, neighbours and family transform themselves into a multi-faceted creative unit. I ain’t doing this alone, believe me. I really hope you can join us on Sunday which features lots of smoke and reverb, my newly developed hand puppet performance, two dogs, an open fireplace and my special guest Christian Pyle. It’s both epic and intimate. See ya soon!”

The Show will kick off this Sunday 28 June at 6pm. Tickets are available now, with the show available to watch for 48 hours after its premiere. Head to theGuide for all the info. 

Tex Perkins

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