Missing the sticky carpets but don’t want to pour booze all over your floors? Evoke memories of the sights, sounds, and particularly the smells of your local drinking hole with one of these pub-scented candles. 

UK candle-making collaborators Earl Of East and Uncommon Creative Studio have distilled the olfactory essence of the prototypical pub experience into 'Scents Of Normality: The Local'. 

Featuring notes of hoppy ales, ashy cigarette butts and citrus-forward urinal cakes, the candle is sure to titillate the nostrils and inspire the anticipated return $12 Parmas and VB on tap.

The 'Scents Of Normality' collection is designed to bring the aromas of going out back in: with 'The Festival' and 'The Cinema' also available online. If you need to be reminded what stale popcorn or naughty cigarettes smell like, this is your perfect chance.

"Hand-poured in East London, The Local candle evokes the classic British boozer," reads the website. 

"Top notes of spilt beer, hair pomade and chip fat jostle amongst a pungent base of varnished teak and sticky carpet. A waft of testosterone gives way to the ersatz-lemon of a urinal block, as the salted breath of pork scratchings is soused in cheap rosé and freckled with cigarette ash. A potent fragrance that lingers, like the melancholy ramblings of an old inebriate."

All proceeds from the sale of this candle go to Hospitality Action, a charity that offers vital assistance to all who work within hospitality in the UK, and who now face sudden hardship and widespread job losses due to COVID-19.

To find out more or order a candle, check out the website here.