Queensland is getting live music back but it's going to be in a very different format. 

The state will now see the introduction of drive-in concerts likely from early June, following the trend that's happening around the world, and are to take place in Cleveland just outside of Brisbane.

Dubbed Drive-In Concerts Live, the events are put together by John Paul Young's Allstar Band member Michael 'China' Walker, along with Nick Chugg, Redland City Council and Matt McCormick

"The music industry is in a death-roll because of COVID," said Walker. 

"As restrictions are eased and retail and eateries start to trade, there is no light at the end of the tunnel for any of us in the entertainment sector and the impact on the economic and mental health of people our industry is critical. This is the solution to be socially responsible, gets us off the dole and back to work, and get some happy back into all our lives."

Drive-In Concerts Live's website describes the events as "just like a drive-in cinema, only cooler!"

"You prepay tickets, rock up in your car, find a car spot, get on the app and order some snacks - they're delivered right to your car," it explains. "While we're all still socially distancing, you'll need to stay in your car, tune into our FM frequency on your car radio, then watch the action on stage, big screen, or on your personal device."

The news comes after similar events were announced in New South Wales and Victoria, which are set to launch in July. 

Find out more about Drive-In Concerts Live here.