A long dormant band suddenly updates their profile picture and it sends followers all-a-quiver with what that might mean. So it is with Powderfinger, who have recently had some movement on their socials this week and everyone is playing a guessing game as to what that means.

Well, we're gonna have a crack at it too... assuming it means something beyond they were bored of having the same profile pic up there for however long.

1. A live reunion!

Well, that would be the most obvious choice, wouldn't it? They got so close in 2017 when four of the five members performed on stage together as part of Bernard Fanning's Splendour In The Grass appearance. If we were betting folks, we reckon the smart money might be on an appearance at Falls Festival, which only yesterday announced it was having an All-Aussie line-up. Suspicious timing much? A Splendour headlining slot could also be on the cards if leading promoters' predictions come true that we might not see international bands touring here this year, which means there could be a Strokes-sized hole in the Splendour line-up, which Powderfinger would fill just nicely (even better some might say). Hell, we could even go out on a limb and predict the return of Homebake. We mused on this idea and Aussie acts were down with it. But to be a party pooper, all along the band have been quite firm about no reunions, plus, you know, the whole coronoavirus pandemic-no live gigs thing.

2. A live-streamed reunion!

Now this could be interesting. Plenty of bands have done iso-performances where individual members are at their own respective homes, so even if they don't actually get reunite on a stage, they could perform together again. Might be just the ticket a nation coming out of a lockdown needs, eh? I mean we can't be internationalists due to travel bans, we've been following the golden rule of washing our hands constantly to make sure we're not double allergic, we've been spending dream days at the hotel isolation... okay, I'll stop now. To have one of our most revered rock acts come together when the nation has been hit hard by coronavirus restrictions, there wouldn't be a dry eye (or pants) on the couch.

3. Happy anniversary edition!

2020 marks ten years since they played their last ever show. Maybe we'll get the whole of their last ever concert posted to YouTube, or maybe even some Blu Ray or DVD edition. But the more likely scenario is 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of their album Odyssey Number Five. Considering they gave previous album Internationalist the re-issue treatment when it turned 20, it stands to reason they'd follow suit with Odyssey. What the package will entail is yet to be seen, but if it's anything like what they did with Internationalist, shut up and take my money.

4. Bad iso haircuts!

We've all been good, we've been social distancing and self isolating, which means we've had to let some things go - with haircuts being forsaken in the interests of public health. Maybe they just want to hide the fact that their locks are looking a bit worse for wear at the moment and want to remember the times when they had such things as photo shoots and attendant things such as hairdressers.

5. They updated their profile pic!

Maybe the actual reason is the simplest - they just wanted to update their profile picture. When you've gone nigh on two years without updating it, sometimes you just might want a change. Hell, there are folks on social media that seem to update their profile pics almost hourly, so one every couple of years is hardly outlandish, is it?

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