Songwriter, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist Running Touch has today released his new song Meet Me, the first taste from his forthcoming debut album, expected later this year.

"Meet Me is song 01. Born from the following," the Melbourne artist said,

“There are three of us in this boot. Carmine stains on our feet. It’s the blood that they want. It’s how I like mine, and I want to know yours.

"It is about obsession. It’s consumption. How it has two hands -  one in ‘want’ and one in self-infliction and how these feed off each other. 

"Meet Me positions itself as one of ten songs to come. All realised from stories written around the colour Carmine. 

"Meet Me was my second time publishing a short story into a song. Building on the concept and colours I had found and loved in My Hands, I wanted to expand and grow in that room - but it goes further. It’s a thank you to everyone up until this moment.

"It is that support that has made me feel truly myself for the first time in writing these songs. It’s a nod to both the past and future.”

Check it out below: