L-FRESH The LION is back with a new single today, dubbed Mother

The South West Sydney artist wrote the track for a TEDx appearance three years ago, and sees him work alongside Sydney electronic duo MOZA with Mirrah also joining in on vocals. 

Mother comes from a place of frustration and impatience,” explained L-FRESH The LION. 

“It comes from seeing how we take this planet we live on for granted. Clean air, clean water - all of that. What we do collectively as a human race has consequences and our planet is the first to experience harm from our actions.”

“I’ve been sitting on this song for a few years. And over that time, we’ve seen the conversations on climate change continue just as conversations, while the climate is changing - fires, floods, new norms being defined, Pacific nations having to deal with the impact.”

“In Mother, I say I’m over the conversation. We need solutions. And we need actions. You wouldn’t be just talking if you saw your mother suffering in front of your eyes. You’d do something to help her out. Our planet gives us life. And it’s suffering.”

MOZA added that that "creatives with a voice have a responsibility to share the truth and urgency of our reality". 

"An important part of what we talk about in Mother is accepting that at one point we were ignorant, then we learnt better. It’s okay to not know any better. But it’s never too late to learn.”

L-FRESH The LION will be making an appearance at Parramatta Town Hall today, as part of the Western Sydney Climate Action Rally. Head out more about the rally here and check out Mother below.

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