A stack of artists will unite to perform a special benefit for Australian musician Justin Brady who lost his home in the Victorian bushfires last month.

Brady’s Karbeethong Hill home was destroyed by the fires and was forced to seek refuge on nearby waters in his canoe.

Brady, a former member of folk-rock band Things Of Stone & Wood, said at the time, "I lost everything pretty much.

"I built the house 25 years ago but only just recently, the last three months, I decided to live there as my base. Previously I had lived here but toured too.”

Before vacating the premises, Brady was able to save a violin, harmonica and mandolin.

Artists including Things Of Stone & Wood's Greg Arnold, Delsinki, Brooke Taylor, Bob Valentine, James Black, Tracey Miller, Bob Sedergreen, The Shuffle Club and Wayne Jury will perform at the benefit taking place on 27 February at Memo Music Hall in St Kilda. 

All proceeds raised from the benefit will go directly to Brady.

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