Festival No. 23 kicks off for the first time this weekend. 

Located in the Macedon Ranges, organisers have described the event as the "ultimate grown-up adventure playground", launching with the likes of Stacey Pullen, Osúnlade, Mimi Love, Traumer and more on the line-up. 

Speaking with The Music, festival organiser Matthew Bonner (who was a part of the team behind Let Them Eat Cake) assures that the festival is much more than just music in its first year. 

"It's the most amazing venue and I had a personal contact with the venue and they offered me to use it, so that was really the start was getting this incredible venue and then looking and going, 'Oh, wow we can really do something different,'" he shared.

"It's a really beautiful site. It's 300 acres, just absolutely gorgeous. And it's got a really amazing multi-room indoor space."

"That was where the name 23 came from - the original free parties I started going to in England in the early '90s and it was this idea of so many festivals have headed towards the one stage format after the success of Meredith and Golden Plains. And so it was this idea to do something different and use that space for a multi-room experience for people." 

"It's a festival at the end of the day. It's playing with the format a little bit. It's definitely not a bush doof." 

"It's definitely the more the 'urban meets bush' festival," he continued. "The proximity to Melbourne helps with that, I think. It isn't that big three, four hour drive out. You know, there is camping and there's a freshwater dam for swimming in and we'll have fun outdoor activities."

Bonner doesn't want to give everything away ahead of the event though, saying that he'd rather people get to experience the event with an element of surprise. Interactive art installations will play a huge role in the festival, including the opportunity for people to create their own music video. 

"I think mostly people can expect a lot of fun and a lot of fun, interesting pop-up stuff like lots of immersive art installations, which people can go and play with. There's lots of tactile art," said Bonner. 

"Human Exploratorium's coming from the USA and they really look at the sort of crossover point between art, music and technology. They're really, really interesting."

Find out more about Festival No.23 here and check out the full line-up below. 

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Festival No. 23 2020 line-up

Stacey Pullen (US) - Osúnlade (US) - Mimi Love (DE) - Traumer (FR) - FreQ Nasty (NZ) - Oceanvs Orientalis (TR) - Trus'me (UK) - Dave Dinger (DE) - Ida Daugaard (DN) - KIKO (FR) - Wareika (DE) - RSS Disco (DE) - Sapphire Slows (JP) - Tiago Oudman - MELINA (DE) - 3 H.R. - Abstrkt - Aeyem - Alex Anderson - Amelia Lackmann - Andrea Guadalupi - Andy Sexton - ANYO - Astra Lavista (live) - BoilingPoint Radio - Brad Every - Bruce Dawg - Caly Jandro - Chestwig - Chris NG - Christopher Coe (live) - Danni B - dayle - Delco - DinoBitch - Edger - Gabri-L - Gav. Whitehouse - Gemma Van D - HAFNER - Honeysmack (live) - IZY (live) - Jade Patricia - 'Jay Ramon - Journey Man - Lani G -Liam Waller - Lucca Tan - DJ Moe Aloha - Monsieur Diop - MOONTIDE - Ophélie Mercury - Dean Benson / Orpheyo Dragon - Philosophia - PIP - Pip D'Aloia - Quartz Pistol (live) - Salvador Darling - Sandeh - SLAM ROSS 1000 - Sriracha - Sundelin - Tahl - Thankyou City - Thoruvium - Jai Piccone - U-Khan - V i V i e n - WISER