Listening to Sarah Mary Chadwick isn't casual. Nor should it be. Her music grabs you and demands your whole attention. It also deserves it. The New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based artist's new album, Please Daddy, is no different.

Chadwick will be launching the album with shows throughout February and March. 

She'll kick off the run at Petersham Bowling Club on Saturday 15 February then head to Hobart's Altar on Friday 21 February and Melbourne's Howler on Wednesday 11 March as part of Brunswick Music Festival

Chadwick will also be sharing an in-store performance at Melbourne's Polyester Records this Saturday 25 January at 2pm. 

What we're saying... 

Review by Adam Wilding. Read more here...

"Despite the pain throughout the record, which is nothing new for the artist, the LP is still full of hope and beauty. The title track features accompanying horns, a first for Chadwick, while flute features on The Heart And Its Double, making this a fuller album in sound than we've heard previously. 

"Let’s Fight is the most upbeat alt-country tune Chadwick has released, ever, and could easily feature as a song on The End Of The Fucking World soundtrack. But just when you think things couldn't get more confronting, a proper listen of My Mouth My Cunt makes one wonder what Chadwick had to go through to make one of her best listens to date."

California Girls, Sarah Mary Chadwick
Petersham Bowling Club, Petersham
Sarah Mary Chadwick
Altar, Hobart
Sarah Mary Chadwick
Howler, Brunswick
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