NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller’s recent claims around sniffer dogs at music festivals have been discredited.

In response to the coroner's report on drug-related deaths at Australian music festivals, which recommended the introduction of pill testing and the removal of sniffer dogs at music festivals, Fuller made false claims around sniffer dog success rates.

As reported by ABC, Fuller told ABC Radio Sydney in November that “in 40% of cases, when the dog sits down we find drugs”, when in reality, as highlighted by RMIT ABC Fact Check, the actual figure is 24%.

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Across the 2018/2019 financial year in NSW, only 2,757 of 11,533 searches based on sniffer dog indication found drugs.

The highest success rate was reported across the 2016/2017 financial, which was still only 34.1%.

The ABC report arrives as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announces that amnesty bins will be available at music festivals this month.