It's been revealed today that New South Wales has lost its spot as the state with the most live music ticket sales annually. 

Victoria and Queensland have now surpassed the state according to a report from Live Performance Australia, which reveals that growth in contemporary music revenue in Victoria is now more than double NSW, with Vic growing 194% since 2015, compared to just 122% in NSW. This means a whopping $151.1m in Victoria to $70m in NSW. 

Additionally, attendance figures for contemporary music and festivals have grown 103% in Victoria between 2015-2018, 63% in Queensland and 55% in NSW. 

“NSW is no longer the premier state for live music, and is rapidly losing ground to Victoria and Queensland for growth in attendance and revenue,” said Evelyn Richardson, Live Performance Australia’s Chief Executive.

The news comes just as calls mount for NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to lift Sydney's lockout law prior to Christmas, and as pressure grows around the current climate for music festivals in the state.

“Sydney’s lock-out laws, a shortage of live music venues and the uncertainty created by the Government’s music festival regulation fiasco have undoubtedly turned down the volume on live music performance in NSW.

“As the NSW Parliament considers the Government’s latest music festival legislation, it needs to keep the consequences of poor regulation and policy at front of mind," continued Richardson.

“That’s bad for artists, bad for their fans and bad for the state’s economic and cultural vibrancy. Everyone who has a stake in a strong live music industry needs to be concerned about what’s happening in NSW.

“And when our most populous city and state is underperforming, that can also impact the rest of the Australian market, particularly for international artists.

“It’s time the NSW Government got behind live music with policies to support the kind of growth in live music performance that other parts of Australia and the rest of the world is experiencing."