Aimon Clark (DJ)

“The way they have repurposed cool old spaces into something very exciting.”


“The vibrant addition to the Brisbane community.”


“I love the daytime and all ages atmosphere, it gives people under the age of 18 and people that are older or not inclined to go to the Valley at night a chance to see and discover new live music acts.”

Charlotte Emily

“Bringing community and art together!”

DJ Black Amex

“Great creative spaces that continues to activate a vibrant music and arts community.”

Dream Coast

“The variety of musical acts and upcoming Queensland talent.”

Ella Fence

“My favourite thing about Lanes is finding something new on every corner, including so much exciting live music. It offers people a platform to engage with artists and Brisbane as a city in such a fun and unique way.”

First Beige

“How it’s transformed unused space and gravel-ridden lots into exciting and engaging spaces where creativity can flourish.”

George Neilsen & The Growing Pains

“It’s inclusive.”

Grace Green (DJ) 

“They showcase local and diverse talents!”

Greaves (DJ)

“The spaces. A lot of care goes into them and it shows.”

Harry Phillips (of Harry & Amy Phillips) 

“I love the community vibe they bring, and the original small business ventures that have sprung up.”


“Collaboration between all the businesses to develop a multi-faceted event that should have something for everyone.”

Jo Davie

“I love the fact that The Lanes in Fortitude Valley not only makes innovative use of disused space, but also provides an opportunity for independent businesses to thrive. The Festival itself is a wonderful initiative, propelling these spaces to the forefront of the Brisbane scene, by combining art, food, fashion and music.”

Kurilpa Reach

“The development of the lanes throughout the Valley has provided a much-needed facelift. These were places people never went before and now they are lined with cafes and artworks. It’s a wonderful way to open up the space to the community.”

Liv Heyer

“The support it offers to up and coming musicians. Love how involved they get in the scene!”

Miranda Vs Arizona

"The opportunity to discover new and upcoming music, and bringing more music culture to Brisbane.”

Moon Saloon

“I love that The Lanes celebrates Brisbane’s diverse music scene that comes from grassroots bands, on stages that celebrate common spaces. It’s for everyone to share.”


“I love that The Lanes are tucked away little pockets full of amazing food, culture and people. If you say there’s nothing cool in Brisbane you’re just not looking hard enough!”

O’ Little Sister

“The local business, relationships and community, the designs and expressions in the spaces. Accessible, engaging, connecting.”

Rob Knaggs

”The entrancing curiosity as you turn the corner into any of reimagined Brisbane’s lanes.”


“The way in which the Fortitude Valley comes together to support artists in the River City.”


“Dreamboat barbershop. We love supporting local businesses and the lane has such a great little community.”



The Jensens

“They’re nice and quiet so you can have a good cry.”

The Lighthearts

“We love the energy of the crowds of people, the smiles and shared enjoyment of the music both fans and artists.”

The Oogars

“Good times, Good place, Great art.”


“This will be our first time playing this festival, first time headlining The Zoo and first time we’ll get to play our debut album!”

Tokyo Twilight

“The food!!”

Now in its second year, the festival will also offer fashion and beauty, art and design, heritage, food and wine, and market trails for patrons to follow.

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