US-based Concord Music has confirmed a number of new international staff appointments including an expansion to Australia. 

Andrew Hajgato, who has previously worked at Universal Music, Cooking Vinyl Australia and Inertia Music, will head up the Melbourne office as label manager and report to international Senior Vice Presidents, Michael Nance and Rebecca Berman.

Hajgato, who has been appointed alongside Bryan Columbus in Canada and Hilke Dethleff in Germany, will work closely "with distribution partners in each territory to develop and execute artist and catalog campaigns".

“Andrew, Bryan and Hilke are passionate executives that bring a wealth of experience to Concord Recorded Music’s global team," Berman and Nance said in a statement today.

"They are already making a positive impact for our artists and releases in their respective markets."

Concord Recorded Music Chief Label Executive Tom Whalley added, "As we forge ahead in the global expansion of our Recorded Music interests, we are staying true to Concord’s commitment to global artist development.

"Every new team member in every territory must not only have a deep knowledge of their market but must be passionate advocates for our artists’ music and the indie spirit of Concord. This growth is absolutely invaluable to the global careers of our artists and I am incredibly excited about the potential of this undertaking.”