The Veronicas have denied their dispute with Qantas, which saw them get kicked off a flight this past week, is a publicity stunt to help promote their forthcoming reality TV series

In a pre-recorded interview on The Project last night, the duo claimed they are yet to be given a reason as to why they were removed from the aircraft at Sydney airport which was heading to Brisbane.

"The Federal Police and Qantas were unable to give us a reason why," Jessica Origliasso said.

"So, we've contacted Qantas four times now and we still don't have a reason why we were removed from the flight."

Qantas issued a statement earlier this week alleging that The Veronicas “refused to follow crew instructions”, however Lisa Origliasso explained their side of the story in detail.

"I stowed my luggage in the overhead, we sat down. There was a flight attendant who requested that we adjust the bag. I asked her to assist me because I couldn't reach the overhead. She told us that it was not company policy and that she could not touch the bag and she walked away and the gentleman behind us offered to help."

Jessica added, "After the female flight attendant left, a supervisor and herself came back and were having a very defensive conversation with us about company policy. At that point, Lisa and I asked for their names because we were unable to see, on their identification tag, the names. They refused to give their names and at that point they told us they were calling security."

The Veronicas confirmed they began filming the altercation at this point on their phones and claimed at no point did Qantas ask them to cease filming. However, following the interview, The Project host Waleed Aly said Qantas had since contacted the show claiming they "definitely" asked the Brisbane singers to stop filming the incident.

When asked to address speculation the entire dispute is being used for their their upcoming MTV show, Jessica said, "This is a legal matter, not a publicity stunt" and said they would be willing to release unedited footage of the incident captured on their phone " if it doesn't implicate with any legal standing".
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