Do you like Metallica karaoke? How about a very special Metallica-themed beer? Then today is a gonna be a good day for you. 

Popular Melbourne venue Globe Alley has announced what it is being coined as a month of metal madness in celebration of the iconic outfit's Marvel Stadium shows next month. 

As well as hosting the official pre-parties for the gigs, Globe Alley will host a number of events throughout October including Metallica pinball, Metalli-Karaoke (genius) and new Pilsner brew, Enter Night, described as a "hoppy pilsner played through a distortion pedal”.

The beer is crafted by legendary brewer Greg Koch who worked closely with the band on it and will even appear at the venue for special meet and greets.

"This is a collaboration in the truest sense between two entities that were born on the fringes,"  venue owners said. 

"We’ve navigated life from a different perspective. We imagined things differently from what they were, and set about using our art to change the world according to our vision. We started being misunderstood by many, and loved by few. Today that’s the same... but that ‘few’ has become ‘more.’ A LOT more. That’s you, my friend, and we’re stoked you’re with us on this journey.

"The day is winding down. It’s time to get started. No more waiting. It’s time to get LOUD. It’s time to Enter Night."

Punters will also be able to take part in heavy metal trivia with prizes including Snake Pit passes to the shows, limited edition Globe Alley Metallica homage merch, Metallica-themed burgers and so much more; click here for more details.

For more details on Metallica's tour, check out theGuide.