Two of the biggest music promoters in Australia are willing to help launch a new 10,000 seat live music venue to the Gold Coast. 

As Gold Coast Bulletin reports, major players Live Nation and TEG have stated interests in working with the country's biggest venue management and entertainment company, ASM Global (formerly AEG Ogden), to bring the concept to life. 

“The Gold Coast community has been under-served with venues of sufficient capacity to attract major touring artists to perform in the area," Live Nation Australasia CEO Roger Field said in a statement given to The Music today.

“People on the Gold Coast love to see live entertainment but are forced to travel to Brisbane, or even Sydney, to be able to do so."

Field noted that at Fleetwood Mac's Brisbane shows last month, 15% of attendees were travelling from the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales.

“There is clearly a demand for live music on the Gold Coast but a glaring lack of venues of appropriate capacity," Field said.

“I have no doubt that attendance numbers would increase dramatically if Gold Coast fans could attend a venue within close proximity to where they live, with many of the artists that we tour welcoming the opportunity to extend their tours to perform there.

“We would welcome the opportunity to work with the Queensland Government and the Gold Coast Council to deliver a major new live music venue for the Gold Coast for the benefit of the community.”

ASM Global Chairman and CEO Harvey Lister has expressed interest in potential partners to build the venue on the Gold Coast.

“This could be a game changer for the Gold Coast," Lister said in a statement given to The Music.

“Sometimes an artist’s availability dictates that a shorter tour has to be routed through major capital cities only but it can lead to dates becoming available in secondary markets," he said.

"If we can fill date between Brisbane and Sydney shows, it could open up some ideal opportunities for additional events on the Gold Coast.

“We know and respect Gold Coast entertainment identities such as Billy and Jackie Cross and Tony and Thea Cochrane and intend speaking to them about how we can get it right for the Gold Coast."