BIGSOUND 2019 has been a huge one and with it, as always, comes some very spicy comments and we've captured it all as part of our annual Overheard At BIGSOUND series,. 

What we heard...

"Honestly I have no clue. Was just gonna let myself get bounced around like a beach ball at a Nickelback concert." - Sounds like some sort of plan at least?

"I did this cover before Ruby Fields. So take that." - Leonie Kingdom might be starting a Toxic beef.

"If they're what's coming out of WA, consider me moving states." - We feel that about Butter too.

"Is this.... Big Sounds Festival?" - Yes it is, random person, yes it is.

"Hey, let's go back to that bar where they were playing Who Let The Dogs Out?" - Very weird flex.

Bystander 1: "There's an awful lot of stress in the air."
Bystander 2: "Why? How can you tell?"
Bystander 1: "Everyone I've seen with those lanyards are smoking."

"It sounds like My Chemical Romance." - We've now seen Tones & I in a whole new light thanks to this punter.

"We're here for networking later. Get your lanyards out." - Do that hustle, Holiday Party.

"Don't take it so seriously." - So says the singer of DREGG; a band featuring a terrifying costumed clown that will forever haunt our dreams (TBH though, DREGG are our new fave).

There's now an official debate regarding Stevan - are you Team Timee or Team LNT?

Volunteer 1: "I wanna go home!"
Volunteer 2: "You can't - it's not midnight yet."
Volunteer 1: "Eeerreegggghhhhsshhhh"

"You couldn't squeeze another beer gut in this place!" - it was very squishy to see 100 at Crowbar last night.

Which artist was spotted at a cafe this morning talking to an agency about writing Sydney King’s theme song for 2020 and beyond?

One Sydney band hasn't been lazy. Expect a deal announced soon.

Happy to see Bakers Eddy on stage with a cactus. It's the best "industry plant" we've seen in years.

Caught with their pants down? An industry shaker found themselves without toilet paper in one venue's bathroom with no one around to bail him out. Phone calls went out to various staff until one was located close enough to deliver the essential goods required. We have a nominee for Employee Of The Month.


These New South Whales' Jamie Timony feeding the crowd marshmallows from his bumbag from the stage.

Tkay Maidza dropping a surprise midnight set at The Flying Cock.

Total members of Violent Soho: 4 of 4.

The acts that everyone is talking about:

Milan Ring
Spacey Jane - who filled both their shows only a week after selling out their Brisbane show
Mariam Sawires
Rebecca Hatch
Johnny Hunter
Hannah Blackburn

Mullet Watch Day Two

A very special shoutout to SCABZ, who gave us a behind-the-scenes look at one of their band member's very excellent mullet on their Instagram Stories. We challenge you to step up to their level.