They’ve established themselves as formidable solo artists over the years, so it’s not surprising a collaboration between Australian music legends Kate Ceberano, Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Sean Sennett has yielded a powerful and theatrical new single.

What is unexpected, though, is the sonic direction of such a partnership, with Monument City Lights, 1973 – the trio’s first single and a taste of their forthcoming album – promising exciting things to come.

Monument City Lights, 1973 is me and Sean hanging out on the means streets of any town with Kate Ceberano,” Kilbey said.

“We put our foot to the floor and we hightail it outta there before sunrise. But we always return to the same night. And it begins all over again.”

Sennett added: “Creating this song with Steve and Kate was a dream. You can hear where both of these artists came from in the grooves. To write with them - let alone sing and play with them - was a joy.”

The new song was recorded between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and, in another surprising turn of events, Ceberano and Kilbey never met during the recording process, aiming to keep “the creative spark that was occurring unblemished”.