Two of Australia's favourite multi-instrumentalists, Tash Sultana and Matt Corby, have paired up to release their new track, Talk It Out.

"I wrote the song during the sessions for Rainbow Valley, but in a different way to the rest of the album. It didn’t feel like it was a fit for the record so I revisited it with Tash recently” shares Corby. 

"Tash has a giant musical beast living inside of her, so I knew she could deal with whatever I threw at her. It was amazing to collaborate with someone like that, and have her throw her musical stylings over the song”. 

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"We originally started having a jam in early 2017, then life came between making music together," adds Sultana. 

"This track came about because Matt didn't include it on Rainbow Valley. He sent it to me to fill in the blanks, and it's the first collaboration I've done with another artist that I’ve released. 

"Matt is an amazing songwriter and instrumentalist. He's also an absolutely awesome guy with a huge soul so it was a privilege to be a part of this project."

Check out Talk It Out below. Sultana is currently through Europe, while Corby will be performing at this year's Splendour In The Grass in Byron Bay next weekend.