Holly Throsby's debut novel Goodwood has been picked up for series development by the ABC.

The book is "part mystery, part coming-of-age-love-story", which is set in a small country town in the early '90s where two residents go missing.

The best-seller, which was released in 2016, will be turned into a series by The Letdown's Alison Bell and Sarah Scheller, and be produced by Claudia Karvan and Alice Bell, with Imogen Banks, Sally Riley and Keli Lee as executive producers.

"One of the central themes of Goodwood is the relationships between people, especially between strong women," shares Throsby of the show development. 

"It is so fitting, and an absolute dream for me, to have such an incredible group of women in charge of bringing my book to life on screen."

“The Goodwood production has so many of my favourite things: wonderful friends to work with, being Imogen Banks and Alice Bell; new friendships to develop... such as Holly Throsby, Alison Bell and Sarah Scheller; an Australian small rural town setting and a gripping mystery enhanced by a mobile phone-less nineties time period! I can’t wait until we get our collective teeth into it," adds Karvan.

While there's no airdate available yet, ABC have said that more news will be released about the development later in the year. Throsby yesterday announced the return of Seeker Lover Keeper, her project with Sarah Blasko and Sally Seltmann. Read about it here.