The Cat Empire, in conjunction with the Australia Council For The Arts, have today announced Jessie Lloyd as the recipient for their international touring grant. 

The grant will see Lloyd take her Mission Songs Project to Mexico in June, which explores "the day to day life on the missions, settlements and reserves through music". 

“We were honestly humbled by the number of impressive artists who responded to this opportunity,” says The Cat Empire's Harry Angus

“There was lots amazing music to listen to, and of course some heated discussion as to who each member thought the winner should be, but ultimately we are satisfied that Jessie Lloyd is definitely ready to take that next big step to take her very unique Australian music across the globe. It has been such an inspiring and rewarding project to be involved in.”

"The Australia Council has always been proud that we funded the Cat Empire on one of their early international tours, and for the band to now be reinvesting in other artists is an act of real leadership," Arts Council of Australia's Paul Mason.

"Jessie Lloyd’s application stood out in a very competitive round against our selection criteria of artistic merit, good planning and in the case of this collaboration with The Cat Empire, international impact."

See a snippet of Lloyd's Mission Songs Project below and head here for more info.