You know what we love? Game Of Thrones

You know what else we love? Eurovision. 

Turns out so does actor Pilou Asbæk aka Euron Greyjoy who, as it turns out, has previously hosted the global singing competition.

This was us when we found out: 

Before Asbæk was sailing around the seven kingdoms and *SPOILER* trying a little too hard with Cersei, he was one of the stars of Danish TV show Borgen

As is the Eurovision custom, Denmark hosted the competition in 2014 after Danish singer Emmelie de Forest took out the title the previous year, seeing Asbæk take on the hosting duties for the year.

Obvs, the Game Of Thrones team were as impressed by Asbæk's stellar tour guide skit as we were (see below) as he made his GOT debut just two years later.

Things are looking pretty good at this year's Eurovision, with Aussie contestant Kate Miller-Heidke now on her way to the grand final this weekend. Find out more about her journey to get to the comp here.

Iain Grandage, Kate Miller-Heidke
City Recital Hall, Sydney
Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide
Caloundra Music Festival
Kings Beach Amphitheatre, Kings Beach