Groovin The Moo's second pill testing trial in Canberra on Sunday has been deemed a huge success, with results showing more than double the participants from last year's pilot run.

As ABC reports, over 230 punters attending the Exhibition Park festival yesterday took part in the trial, with 171 substances tested. 

CEO of Ted Noffs Foundation, Matt Noffs, told The Music today that seven samples tested were found to be deadly, with early data suggesting all of which were discarded. 

"A big takeaway for me is that [pill testing advocate] Dr David Caldicott said that he spoke to a significant amount of young people who had brought in pure ecstasy and that most of them were told that more ecstasy does not equate to more joy. It can kill," Noffs said. 

"That really is a nail in the coffin for any pollie who says that pill testing does nothing for those using ecstasy.

"In other words, pill testing is not just about pill analysis. It's a third analysis, third counselling and third education. And a small but growing aspect of the service is about helping paramedics find out what someone who has fallen ill might have ingested. That also happened last night."

Following the success of yesterday's trial, Noffs said plans are in motion to take pill testing trials around the country. 

"All in all, the second pilot has shown that this needs to be available at every Australian festival," he said.

"We're on our way to Queensland this week to further conversations with MP's who attended a briefing session at Groovin The Moo. Queensland seems like the next jurisdiction to take up pill testing."

Groovin The Moo continues in Bendigo this weekend. For more details, head over to theGuide.