Lauren Bok has never done stand-up in half measures. From surrealist sketches to children’s comedy, the performer has always gone all out with a gaggle of styles and ideas, flinging open the curtains to whatever the hell she wants to do. The fantastically titled Rock Out With Your Bok Out is no exception.

Beginning with a striptease from God himself set to the music of KISS, Bok cements herself from the outset as one of the most unique acts on the circuit. From there, the comic weaves in and out of a multitude of disciplines with seamless flow, never once making her audience feel like they’ve missed something. There’s stories of rock‘n’roll antics from her past, cringeworthy tales of trying to be a good aunt, and wickedly perfect parallels between small children and entitled white men. 

Bok’s phenomenal energy is what truly sets her apart from others of the same cloth. In the mixtape of a typical Bok offering, there is no indie heartbreaker or teary guitar drop. It’s all banger after banger after banger. Even when she’s covering some serious issues, the comic knows how to bring it back to a silly yet flawless metaphor, and never once devalues the significance of her subject matter. Sure, it’s astounding to watch this in action, but above all, it’s fucking hilarious.

Rock Out With Your Bok Out is a jaw-achingly brilliant showcasing of cabaret, mime, stand-up and so much more. Bok is the undisputed champion of physicality and timing, hitting every single cue with sheer performative excellence. A total joy to watch from intro to encore, she’ll be filling arenas in no time.