The WA Government has been revealed as the winning bidder of a letter written by late AC/DC frontman Bon Scott at a recent auction in Los Angeles. 

As The West Australian reports, the letter was written in 1978 by the WA-raised singer (two years before his death) to his former girlfriend Valerie while the iconic rock group were on tour in the US. 

The letter reportedly references the rough touring schedule, Scott's drinking and his desire to “check myself into a sanitarium for a month”.

When contacted by The Music today, Culture and Arts Minister, David Templeman, confirmed the letter was purchased at the LA auction in January for $13,800.

The letter will be displayed at the WA State Library for the next three weeks, with Templeman saying "it represents an iconic piece of Western Australian history and we want to celebrate that".

Scott was born in Scotland in 1946 and relocated to Fremantle at the age of six. He featured on the AC/DC's first six albums, before he died at the age of 33 due to alcohol poisoning.