Legendary UK live music venue The Social is at risk of being shut down in the next fortnight unless a new investor steps forward. 

The West End hub, which has hosted gigs from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Adele, Jack White, Bon Iver, Florence & The Machine and Fatboy Slim to name a few, has launched a Crowdfunder campaign to raise the money needed to stay open. 

"Rising rents and an offer to the building’s leaseholder from a cocktail and wine bar chain have put The Social under very serious threat," a statement on the Crowdfunder page reads.

"The bar’s founders need to raise money to buy a controlling share in the venue from the leaseholder in order to keep The Social open. Unless new investment is found in the next 2 weeks then the iconic venue will be forced to close its doors. We're asking you for help."

A target of £95,000 has been set as "a down payment to get the venue off the market". So far, over £37,000 has been donated. 

The news comes as The Social prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary. 

"The twentieth anniversary should be a point of celebration; not for a quick, tearful goodbye before the wrecking ball arrives," the statement continues. 

"It should usher in the next two decades with a series of parties presenting significant names on the stage from the past, present and future of the bar. And it should cement the Social’s reputation as one of the most important music venues left standing in the West End and the venue that’s successfully launched over ten million hangovers."

Click here to check out the Crowdfunder page.