There’s a new management group in Adelaide, run by indie music scene legends Tom Gordon (Music SA, West Thebarton, Horror My Friend, Rad Music) and Josh Healey (West Thebarton, Sleep Talk).

Planet Shhh will get a hometown launch on April 13, celebrating its reveal and first signing, alternative pop duo Paradise Club.

“[Planet Shhh] is focusing on artists who are changing the game, breaking boundaries and who are striving to create something different,"  Healey said.

Gordon added: “We don’t take the signing of a new artist lightly. For Josh and I, they’ve gotta just have a good sense of direction and great, honest songs, without the pretense of getting on the radio, etc. We just want to work with acts that are doing because they love it, because that’s why we’re doing it”.

The launch party will feature new signees Paradise Club alongside Good Boy, Colourblind and Little Dust at Chateau Apollo; check out theGuide for all the details.

Welcome To Planet Shhh
Chateau Apollo, Adelaide