A festival named on the NSW Government's "high risk" list has launched a GoFundMe campaign to garner support for a forthcoming legal battle.

Division Agency, which runs the Days Like This festival, reported "no major incidents" at the 2019 event this past Saturday but said "the excessive requirements placed on them by the NSW Government and the negative publicity surrounding the unwarranted and unexplained ‘High Risk’ listing impacted the event significantly".

“Being categorised as a ‘High Risk’ festival despite having much better safety, experience and event planning record than a number of other high-profile festivals who were not listed resulted in ticket sales being down by almost 50% from last year, and the resources that needed to be implemented were excessive for an event that has never experienced a major incident during its three years of operation," a statement issued today reads. 

Since going live on Wednesday, the GoFundMe page has raised almost $14,000 with the money to go towards taking legal action against the NSW Government.

“As a team, we have worked tirelessly and will not tolerate the NSW Government destroying an industry we all love so much," Jason Ayoubi of Days Like This said.

"The damage that has been done to our brands, reputations and the industry is irreversible. There is a real threat that many of these festivals will no longer operate."

For more details on the GoFundMe page, click here.