A local music documentary series starring Australian artists Remi, Ecca Vandal, Adrian Eagle and more will be featured at a new exhibition at Immigration Museum as part of Cultural Diversity Week.

Developed by the Mushroom Group, Voice For Change sees influential musicians and more tell personal stories of their experiences of racism, disenfranchisement and marginalisation and how they tackled those challenges.

Voice For Change is a series that talks about issues affecting young people from diverse backgrounds in an upfront, yet constructive way,” Immigration Museum General Manager Rohini Kappadath said.

“We hope that our visitors leave with a greater understanding of the experience of those from multicultural backgrounds and a commitment to be part of positive change within our society.”

Voice For Change will feature at Immigration Museum from March 16, with ten episodes on a looping screen and attendees able to hear from B Wise, Krown, FlexMami, Mirrah, Majak Daw, Darcy Vescio, Ngaiire, MoMO, P-UniQue, Adrian Eagle, Ecca Vandal and Remi.

Head to the Voice For Change website for more details.