It's finally happened - Jarryd James has dropped a brand new single. This is the first new music from the Aussie artist since he released his EP High in July 2016. 

Dubbed Slow Motion, the track was produced in Los Angeles with Joel Little and is quite a personal story for James.

"It’s a song about being away from my wife and always being in a different time zone," he shares. "It might be nighttime where I am, and it’s daytime where she is. The whole situation takes a toll on you when you travel as much as I do. 

"It's pretty taxing living in Australia and trekking to the United States so often. From there, the song just fell out of me as a natural discussion of how I felt."

While there's yet to be an album announcement, James has spent an extensive period working with the likes of Clams Casino, Cautious Clay and Andrew Wyatt, so fingers cross there will be more new music soon. 

Check out Slow Motion below.