You know what a Wednesday morning sometimes needs? A dance party. And luckily the team behind Daybreaker have got that exactly covered. 

The worldwide hit dance party will be making its way to Sydney this year, making it the 25th country in the world to wake up early and get their groove on. 

Punters will be able to join in for an early morning yoga session from 5.30-6.30am, then take part in the two-hour dance party until 8.30am when the event hits the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium on 13 February. 

Don't forget to dress in the Colours Of The Reef theme, which encourages attendees to wear anything "anything coral garden-esque". There will be performances from Night Tales and it'll be hosted by MC Elliott La Rue, with more special guests and acts to take place throughout the event.

“There are few things as exciting as launching in a new city — and we take a lot of care to get it right," says Daybreaker co-founder Radha Agrawal.

"We're most passionate about sharing with Sydney that Daybreaker is a community, first and foremost. It’s where we come together to unlock, connect and self express through dance. It’s amazing what can happen when you bring a group of people together on a dance floor that’s totally unapologetic and gives you a true sense of freedom."

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