A 20-year-old man who was initially believed to have died from a suspected drug overdose at Victoria's Beyond The Valley festival, has reportedly been found to have snake venom in his blood following some tests. 

In a Herald Sun exclusive, Callum Edwards' older brother, Liam, said, "Tiger snake venom was found in his system".

Edwards' mother added, "We definitely know there was a reptile involved".

It comes after Beyond The Valley confirmed Edwards' death in a statement given to The Music on 1 January.

"The Beyond The Valley family are saddened to report that a patron has passed away today in hospital after being airlifted from the site in the early hours of Sunday morning, 29 December 2018," the statement reads.

"The loss of someone with us during what should be a time of celebration is being felt deeply by everyone involved in our event. We are working in conjunction with the authorities as part of their investigation and therefore have no further comment at this time."