So, The Offspring kicked off their Aussie tour last night at Thebarton Theatre in Adelaide and the '90s punk nostalgia was so strong they blew up the sound system meaning the encore was cut short.

"Adelaide you rock so hard you blew up the sound system," the band joked onstage. 

A reviewer for The Music confirmed there was a 10-minute delay before the band played one final song. 

"Novatech supplied the installed front of house audio system (speakers and racks only) which operated normally throughout the event," a spokesperson from Thebarton Theatre told The Music

"The rest of the equipment was touring with the band via JPJ out of Sydney. This included the audio control equipment and power distribution which we believe may have encountered issues towards the end of the event, however we are unaware of the exact details.

"I can confirm that our FOH system has been tested and is performing normally which will ensure it’s ready for all upcoming gigs in the Thebby."

The Offspring are in town for Good Things festival which kicks off tomorrow in Melbourne and will see them play the iconic '90s record Smash in its entirety. We caught up with guitarist Noodles to go track-by-track through the record. Check it out here!

Keep an eye out for the review when it lands!