ARIA has announced new changes to its board in an effort to increase diversity and inclusiveness.

ARIA’s members have thrown their support behind a proposal that will see its board have more leeway when it comes to appointing new board members, allowing them to directly appoint an additional ARIA member director (for example, a non-major label member) and an independent director when they consider it to be beneficial.

The amendments to ARIA’s constitution have been made so the board can “directly appoint additional directors to increase inclusiveness, diversity and target particular experience or skill sets”.

In the past, board elections were determined via a vote by ARIA members, with more than 100 individuals having their say. Those members are made up of individuals from boutique labels, people from “medium size organisations” and “very large companies with international affiliates”.

“The ARIA Board is delighted with the membership’s support of this initiative,” ARIA Chairman and Sony Music’s Denis Handlin said.

“Broadening participation and diversity on the ARIA Board is an important step in ensuring the board is truly representative of its members, with the additional perspectives and experience brought to the table to be a great benefit to the board and the industry as a whole.”

ARIA CEO Dan Rosen added: “The increase in diversity at board level is an essential element for ensuring the future success of our business and industry.

“I look forward to welcoming the new directors in 2019 and to continue addressing the key issues pertaining to our industry across the year.”

The news comes as ARIA plans to implement an observership program for emerging women leaders in the music industry.

The program will help to inform ARIA’s practices, while also assisting in the development of potential board and committee members.

The current board features Handlin, George Ash (Universal Music Australia), Niko Nordstrom (Warner Music Australia), David Vodicka (Rubber) and Sebastian Chase (MGM), and the changes could see it double in size.