Melbourne's brand new band room, Geddes Lane Ballroom, is now open and ready to go. 

Geddes Lane Ballroom is a collaboration between chef Shannon Bennett and Lorenz Grollo and is able to hold 400+ people. The venue itself is 170 years old and previously played home to Showgirls Bar 20, as well as live music.

The venue will be booked by The Venue Collective's Ashlea O’Loughlin and Ben Thompson, who also work with 170 Russell and East Brunswick Club.

“We have been blown away by the interest in the new room - to have Kyle Lionhart, Harvey Sutherland and Augie March all selling out shows in our first month is very exciting," they say.

"Bands love the history of the place, and they want to play in the city. They have fans all over Melbourne, it makes sense. Kingswood played a killer secret show last week and the room looked and sounded amazing. The space feels special and lived in and I think that has something to to with it having hosted thousands of live shows in another lifetime."

“There is still so much to come - the evolving food menu and especially the exciting mix of great local food from a permanent Benny burger to the vending machines being custom designed for us out of Japan," adds Bennett. 

"All are designed to create an experience combining great music with great food. Also, if you’re lucky enough to sneak into our green room and see the fun stuff we have for our bands, then you will realise why we have attracted the caliber of acts we have. Fun and uniqueness is what Geddes Lane Ballroom stands for!"

Geddes Lane Ballroom is now open to the public, check out theGuide here for more info on upcoming gigs.

Augie March, The Orbweavers
Geddes Lane Ballroom, Melbourne
Gregor, Augie March
Geddes Lane Ballroom, Melbourne
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Riverboats Music Festival, Echuca
Adelaide Festival
Elder Park, Adelaide