Sydney venue The Bald Faced Stag has been taken over by Crowbar Brisbane owners Trad Nathan and Tyla Dombroski.

The venue will be rebranded as Crowbar Sydney, with Nathan and Dombroski picking up a five year lease for the building. The building may be redeveloped or the lease renewed after that time. 

"We’ve both spent a lot of time in Sydney over the years and have watched a lot of venues close down, we don’t want to see this happen to the Stag" said Dombroski. 

"We have an opportunity to rebuild it, and we are going to make that happen!"

"The space is absolutely amazing and the timing is right" added Nathan. "We've built a strong community for punters and bands at Crowbar in Brisbane, we can't wait to bring the same values to Sydney!”

The venue's band room can hold up to 500 people, with gigs to start from December.

It was back in January that the previous lease holder sacked from The Bald Faced Stag was accused of stealing money from bands owed from gigs at the venue in the last ten months. 

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