Just a week after stepping down from his role as chairman, it has been reported that Justin Milne wanted to hire Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue for a multi-million dollar advertising campaign.

According to Fairfax, Milne wanted Minogue to sing about the public broadcaster, however the pitch was eventually shut down by senior ABC management due to the singer's asking price of $750,000.

Former managing director Michelle Guthrie reportedly "hit the roof" when she heard of Milne's idea. 

It's reported that the $3 million dollar program aimed to replicate the BBC's promo campaigns, which just last week saw Minogue get behind the microphone at train stations in the UK to do some railway announcements in support of BBC Music Day.

Milne said the idea to hire Minogue "wasn't my idea".

"An emotional campaign with Kylie singing a song ... I thought that could be cool," he said.

It comes after Milne resigned from his role of ABC Chairman following allegations he interfered in several management decisions, including attempting to reverse triple j's decision to move the Hottest 100 date this year.