Melbourne club promoter Robert Oung has been sentenced to three years in jail for his part in a plot to smuggle a large amount of ketamine into Australia from India.

As reports, Oung and ARIA-nominated DJ/producer Kasey Taylor swallowed around 70 cling-wrapped bags of ketamine each – roughly half a kilogram – in Delhi before boarding a flight to Melbourne back in 2016.

“You took an enormous risk in swallowing such a large amount of it,” Judge Gregory Lyon said.

It’s alleged that Taylor was the driving force behind the plan, with Oung promised $15,000 for taking part.

Oung will serve a minimum of six months behind bars before he’s eligible for a three-year good-behaviour bond.

Taylor rose to fame in the ‘90s via Our House, who produced huge club hits such as Dreams and Floor Space.

Oung was also a volunteer presenter at Kiss FM.