After making their debut at BIGSOUND in 2016, Singapore’s National Arts Council is back for another year to highlight some of the best up and coming talent from Singapore with their Hear65 showcase. 

"Singapore's showcase event at BIGSOUND 2016 was a revelation - I don't think anyone was prepared for how fun it was, and for the quality of artists on display," said BIGSOUND Executive Producer Joel Edmondson.

"One of BIGSOUND's key ambitions over the next five years is to create closer ties between Australia and the Asian music markets, so this partnership with NAC Singapore is really important to us, as well as everyone at BIGSOUND looking to extend their networks north."

In this exclusive clip, we meet the acts that will be performing at this year's Hear65 showcase on Wednesday, 5 September. Check out the interviews below, as well as the Hear65 set times.

Hear65 Showcase @ Ric's big backyard Set Times

5.50PM – 6.20PM | CHARLIE LIM
6.35PM – 7.05PM | LINYING
7.20PM – 7.50PM | INTRIGUANT