US actress Alia Shawkat says she has no interest in returning to the revived Arrested Development series should it return for a sixth season. 

Shawkat, who rose to fame as Maeby Funke in the US comedy, discussed the controversy surrounding the show leading up to the season five premiere in May following an interview the cast did with The New York Times

During the interview, cast members Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter had an uncomfortable confrontation after Tambor was alleged of verbally abusing Walter on set.

While fellow actors, Jason Bateman, David Cross and Tony Hale, appeared to defend Tambor, Shawkat dismissed the alleged behaviour, saying, "that doesn't mean it's acceptable. And the point is that things are changing, and people need to respect each other differently".

Following that interview, all press surrounding the season five premiere, including a planned UK trip, were cancelled. 

Recently in Australia for the Melbourne International Film Festival, Shawkat appeared on ABC RN's Stop Everything! to talk about the controversy, saying, "the group dinners aren't really keeping up as much as they used to".

"It was an intense thing to happen," Shawkat said of the New York Times interview.

"It was a very specific moment in time, and … we've known each other for so long that in some fashions we are like a family, but at the same time we are a bunch of actors who just meet up every now and then to work together.

"I stand behind how I was able to react in that moment."

Shawkat continued, "It's just important that what anyone takes from that [interview] — and not necessarily attacking any specific people who are involved — is that people start listening on both sides without judgment. And that's something that I have to do as well.

"This whole topic of conversation is very heated and I think the point [is that] everyone's trying to pick one side to blame, and the truth is neither of us know enough.

"What happened in that interview was not enough listening — and even when you know each other super well, people still don't listen to each other. So I hope that that's what continues to happen."

It is currently unclear if Arrested Development will return for a sixth season, however Shawkat said of a possible return, "I hope I don't come back [to Arrested Development] … I think I'm done".

"I think Arrested Development really has, you know — whether it was that [New York Times] interview or not — the chapter is kind of closed," she said.

"But I'm very proud to have been a part of it… I care about all those people…"

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