The days might be numbered for Channel 7’s latest reality TV series, with Dance Boss receiving a slew of bad reviews across social media after last night’s premiere.

The new dance competition stars by Dannii Minogue as presenter, alongside judges Timomatic, Sharni Vinson and Adam Garcia, and it seems Aussie viewers aren’t having a bar of it.

“I feel like I am watching something produced by the applicants rejected for Eurovision,” one viewer said, while other commented they were having more fun watching the ads and live Twitter coverage.

As the show’s synopsis reads, Dance Boss pits “extraordinary amateur dancers from ordinary workplaces against each other in epic dance battles”.

Dance Boss sees 12 crews of workers from the same workplace or profession compete to win a $100,000 pay cheque and realise their dance dreams.”

Minogue’s “dance like nobody is watching” tag threw fuel onto the social media fire, with many tweeting they didn’t believe Dance Boss would last much longer.

As TV Tonight reports, Dance Boss was left for dead compared to The Block, which aired at the same time on Channel 9 and almost doubled its viewers across the country.

The Block attracted 1,135,000 viewers while Dance Boss had 599,000.

Here’s what Australia thinks of Dance Boss: