Following his shock appointment to the Fleetwood Mac line-up this past April, Neil Finn has revealed he needed some convincing to join the legendary band. 

Appearing on last night's Interview with son Liam, the Crowded House frontman recalled getting the call from Mick Fleetwood about possibly joining Fleetwood Mac as he was heading off to sound check for a concert in Auckland that night. 

"I just had this big goofy grin on my face and said, 'I'll have to let you know tomorrow, Mick. I've got to do a show.'"

He continued, "I was kinda nonplussed initially thinking, 'How do I react to this?'"

Liam said of convincing his Dad, "I was like, 'You've gotta go and see this out. This is amazing.'"

Finn revealed it took two days of jamming with Fleetwood Mac for things to click. 

"… We had two days playing and it was, you know, I wasn't sure," he said.

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"The first day, I kinda thought well… but the second day everyone came in a very more relaxed mode and we just sounded good straight away.

"The voices sounded good together and I'd done a little bit of homework and I knew the songs that they'd ask me to sing. It didn't feel that strange even. It felt like being in a band."

Finn again reiterated that he is indeed a permanent Fleetwood Mac member and will continue on with the group following their US tour.

"I've joined the band, I'm a new member. It's a new band. That's how they're seeing it, anyway," Finn explained.

"It feels like they're up for it.  They're really hungry to make new music, they're hungry to be as good a band as they can possibly be and above all, they're hungry to have fun."

As TV Tonight reports, Interview was watched by 483,000 viewers. Watch last night's episode here.