The transition from POW! Negro into SUPEREGO has been consummated with the release of new single I Am The Judge and a string of tour dates.

Premiered on triple j on Wednesday night, it seems the group have moved to a more scaled back and beats-heavy hip hop production.

SUPEREGO will showcase their new sound in Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle this August, before also playing the Ningalens and Caloundra Music festivals later in the year.

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Speaking exclusively to The Music, the band said “It was only really with increased exposure from a few tours and festivals that we started to understand the platform that we have to speak to cultural, social and political issues”.

“Whilst POW! Negro was a powerful name, it didn't feel representative of the entire group.

“We felt that to speak to these issues, whilst bearing a name that was not reflective of everyone in the group compromised our platform and felt, to a degree, hypocritical.

“Freedom of expression is a huge part of our identity internally, throughout the creative process, and for that to be reflected externally, as SUPEREGO, has been empowering and unifying.”

Regarding the change of sound under the new same, they spoke of a new “Direction we've always wanted to head — more beats, electronic maybe, than rock band with a rapper, but still retaining what we really love about distorted guitars and everything”.

“I think the new sound is more hip hop, sonically, but also more eclectic.”

Tickets are on sale now for the limited run of shows. Check out theGuide for all the details.

The Chippendale Hotel, Chippendale
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The Workers Club, Fitzroy
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The Aardvark, Fremantle