A punter attempting to enter Above & Beyond's show in Sydney on the weekend has been hit with a six-month ban following a drug search, despite NSW Police finding no drugs during the search. 

As news.com.au reports, the concert-goer, who was approached by a sniffer dog, was eventually strip-searched, however he was found to have no drugs at all.

Despite this, the punter was evicted from Sydney Showground and handed a six-month ban from Sydney Olympic Park. 

However, NSW Police told news.com.au that the person was evicted from the site due to "bad behaviour" and allegedly didn't have a ticket to the show. 

It comes after the Greens failed to obtain an injunction against NSW Police's threat to ban any punter from the concert if approached by a sniffer dog in court on Friday. 

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Greens MP David Shoebridge claims that he was contacted by five other punters who were either kicked out or denied entry into the gig on Saturday night.

The Greens' Sniff Off campaign announced on social media it would again be taking NSW Police to court. 

"No one should be told to go home and slapped with a six month ban just because they go out to see live music and a drug dog looked at them," a statement issued to Facebook reads. 

"We are now seeking legal counsel on how to most effectively challenge this abuse of police powers and will have an update soon."

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