After clashing over pill testing earlier this month, The Project's Steve Price and Noffs Foundation CEO Matt Noffs again went head-to-head on last night's show.

This time, the debate surrounded NSW police's announcement that anyone heading to Above & Beyond's show in Sydney this weekend will be denied entry if a sniffer dog makes any indication they have or have had drugs on their person.

update: court refuse to hear case against nsw police's threat to ban punters from syd dance event

Punters have slammed the call which suggests they could be refused entry into the gig despite not having drugs on them at all.

Price said of the decision, "If you have to be turned away from a concert, so what?

"The promoters have said that if they turn you away, you will get a refund. It's better than people losing their lives, surely."

The radio host didn't back down when Noffs said in the past festivalgoers have ingested all of their drugs once they spot a sniffer dog outside a venue so as to not get caught, saying, "I don't think you've got any evidence that people have died because a dog sniffed them".

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However, Noffs' backed his argument that sniffer dogs are not proving effective (which reportedly come up with nothing in 75% of drug searches), comparing them to speed cameras. 

"We put speed cameras everywhere to reduce speeding and to help people. If they increase speeding and if the death toll went up, we'd stop using them, right? How are the drug dogs working? They're not," he said.

"They're increasing young people taking risks. They're harming our kids."

Noffs concluded, "Steve, look at the evidence. It's really sad and it's tragic. It's simply not working.

"It's not just wasting money now, it's wasting lives."

Watch the full exchange below. 

Above & Beyond will perform in Melbourne on Friday night before moving on to Sydney; click on theGuide for more details